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Weight Watchers – Does it Really Work?

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Unless you just crawl out from under a rock you have probably heard of Weight Watchers. In the early 60’s, Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch began inviting friends into her Queens home once a week, to discuss how best to lose weight. That group of friends has grown to millions of women and men around the world who use the products and services of Weight Watchers to lose unwanted pounds.

Accountability Helps to Lose WeightWeight Watchers

When losing weight, group and peer support are the most highly proven methods for success. It is one thing to learn how to lose weight and eat more healthy, it is another thing to put this into practice on a consistent basis. Getting the support of an anonymous group of people each day can make the critical difference. The weight watchers program has group meetings and weigh ins. This accountability coupled with group support from people with the same goal, helps immensely to obtain what you have set out to do.

Point System

The program utilizes the basic method of weight loss.  Counting calories are simplified by the weight watchers point system which assigns points to foods based on their calorie and nutritional content.

Activities are also assigned points and offset against food points. The resulting calorie deficit will lead to weight loss.

Weight Watchers Tips

  • Daily points do not rollover. For example, if you are 10 points short of your allowed points on Monday, you cannot add have an extra 10 points on Tuesday to even them out.
  • Nutritious healthy filling foods as part of your points such as lean meat, whole grains, fruit and vegetables will result in healthy long lasting weight loss
  • Drink plenty of water

Does it Really Work?

The company has a long lasting reputation and has proven it’s self time and time again. With a great combination of keeping this simple, and adding accountability you are sure to drop a few pounds if you stick with the program as directed.

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